Addiction Sources

Cannabis may reduce opiate usage. 

Most patients voluntarily decrease the amount of opiates they are using—or go off opiates completely—when they use them in conjunction with cannabis. 

Sources: University of Georgia

Access to cannabis may saves lives. 

National statistics show that access to legal cannabis reduces deaths related to painkillers. Specifically, states with medical cannabis laws had a 24.8% lower opioid-overdose mortality rate.

Sources: Journal of Health EconomicsJAMA Internal MedicineWeedmaps

CBD-rich cannabis may reduce the risk of relapse. 

Data suggests that CBD reduces relapse due to its effects on memory. Specifically, it disrupted the memory reconsolidation of opiate cravings and inhibited the reward-facilitating effect of opiates.

Sources: University of CreteProject CBD

CBD-rich cannabis may protect alcoholics and addicts from brain damage.

Because of its neuroprotective qualities, studies show that CBD-rich cannabis may protect and actually reverse brain damage from excessive alcohol consumption.

Sources: Journal of NeuroscienceUniversity of Kentucky and University of MarylandNORML