Care By Design 2019 Holiday Gift Guide

Looking for the perfect way to make the cannabis enthusiasts on your shopping list really happy? We have found a half-dozen gift ideas destined to be a big hit.

Cannabis-scented candles:

All candles don't have to smell like pumpkin spice. You can instead fill your home with warm, earthy scents of fresh Cannabis. Handmade in Brooklyn by Malin+Goetz Candles. $55

cannabis candles

Dosing Journal:

The CBD Jotter is a pocket journal designed to help patients become aware of the factors that provide the most therapeutic benefit for your medical symptoms. $15.99 from Goldleaf.

Cannabis dosing journal

Care By Design Holiday Bundle

This holiday season, give the gift of self-care with our Care By Design holiday gift box. Each box contains sublingual drops, soft gels and topical pain cream to soothe the holiday madness and help you feel rested and relaxed.

Care By Design Holiday Bundle

Pop up dinner w cannabis:

If a memorable experience is what you’re seeking, and you live in the Bay Area, consider a culinary cannabis adventure with Executive Chef, Michael Magallanes. Popup dinners, private parties, and private workshops available at various prices. 

gourmet cannabis cusine

Medical cannabis cards:

Medical Cannabis Info Cards are a series of infographics designed to help patients develop a deeper understanding of cannabis' therapeutic effects. $9.99 from Goldleaf.

medical cannabis cards

The Ultimate Guide to CBD: Explore The World of Cannabidiol 

Whether you are seeking information on making your own CBD self-care products, how to cook with CBD, or how to administer CBD to your pet, this book makes for the perfect introduction. Available on Amazon for about $26.

The Ultimate Guide to CBD: Explore The World of Cannabidiol



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