Introducing André Kajlich: Care By Design Brand Ambassador

André Kajlich | Care By Design Brand Ambassador

Care By Design is honored to announce André Kajlich as our Care By Design Brand Ambassador. A former Team USA paratriathlete (held number 1 world ranking), Ironman World Champion, the only wheelchair athlete to finish an Ultraman (he’s done four), the only handcyclist to finish Race Across America (3,000+ miles in 12 days), he’s also surprisingly humble and much better at telling his story than we are.

In André’s own words:

Beyond telling my story and how cannabis has helped me, I want to share what it looks like to take on grueling adventures and how I train using Care By Design as my wellness solution.

I’ve accomplished things many people said wouldn’t be possible. From being told I’d never walk again to finishing the Race Across America. My goal isn’t to make a big deal out of all my accomplishments; rather, my goal is to help others take on the things they dream about. I constantly struggle to make things happen, but if I can help people find that spark that drives them, that struggle is worth it.

While I enjoy the physical and mental challenges, there’s plenty about my pursuits that hurt both my body and my brain. I question why the hell I’m doing this during just about every race I do.

Cannabis has been a positive throughout my physical rehabilitation, in my daily life, and for training and racing. It’s helped with both physical and mental obstacles. I know the “intoxicating” effect is not for everybody–and it’s definitely not for every situation. That’s why having Care By Design with its personalized approach to CBD and THC has been so valuable to me. I’m excited to be part of the Care By Design team along with many exceptional people who are all part of this movement because they care, they have personal stories and journeys that have intersected CBD in helpful ways for themselves, their friends and family.

After my train accident, I was surprised by how negative the doctors, prosthetists, and other medical professionals were AND how quick they were to prescribe morphine and gabapentin without any alternative options. I’ve got tons of respect for these people who saved my life, but my hope is that we can help make cannabis one of the first tools we consider when facing health issues rather than one of the last.

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