Meet CJ Nelson

World-class surfer and Care By Design fan, Mark “CJ” Nelson, is a San Francisco Bay Area native who has called Santa Cruz home for most of his life. A highly decorated competitive longboarder and surf icon, CJ has managed to remain at the top of his sport for several decades. Today, CJ focuses much of his energy on giving back to the sport he loves through progressive contributions to surfboard design, as well as sponsoring, coaching and mentoring young talent.

At the core of CJ’s inspiration is an ever-youthful sense of play, a deep appreciation for the environment, and a commitment to health and wellness. Key components of the wellness routine that keeps him shredding include eating clean, getting ample rest, meditation, stretching, and a steady regimen of CBD. When recently asked about the benefits of CBD after the impressive feat of winning titles at the Vans Duct Tape Invitational and Mexi Log Fest in the same weekend, Nelson explained: “CBD is helping me to be my best self every day.” When we inquired which products he prefers, CJ replied, “I usually use the 18:1 sublingual drops. I like being able to get all of the benefits of CBD without the psychoactive effects of THC.” CJ elaborate on why he chooses Care By Design: “It’s responsible. It’s clean. And, it’s made by people I trust.”

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