5 Everyday Uses for CBD

January 10, 2017
From stopping seizures in their tracks to helping cancer patients with nausea and pain, you’ve probably already heard of some of the amazing therapeutic uses of CBD. But there are many ways to use cannabis products in your everyday life that you may not have heard of, so we’ve compiled 5 lesser known uses here:

Motion Sickness

Be it on the road, sea, or air, for some people, the threat of motion sickness can stop them from taking part in day-to-day activities. Popular motion sickness medication can cause drowsiness, but high-CBD cannabis products can help alleviate the nausea, vomiting, and dizziness usually without negative side effects. If you know you’re going to be traveling, vape pen or sublingual sprays can offer fast-acting relief. Gel caps can provide relief for several hours.

Topical for Pain Relief

Got aches and pains? Many over-the-counter ointments have a strong smell and a greasy feel. In some cases, they can cause dry or  irritate the skin. Care By Design’s sublingual sprays can be used directly on your skin. It’s all natural with only two ingredients: cannabis oil and coconut oil. Cannabis oil used transdermally has been known to help with pain, irritation, and inflammation. Coconut oil enhances absorption and soothes the skin.

Skin Irritations

Rashes can be caused by bacterial or fungal infections, or allergic reactions. As we’ve already discussed, CBD has antibacterial properties and anti-inflammatory properties, but did you also know it can be used as an antifungal? Applying CBD to a rash may help reduce inflammation and irritation, soothing your skin allowing it time to heal. Make sure your cannabis products don’t contain any potentially irritating additives! Care By Design’s product only contain safely extracted cannabis oil and coconut oil.


We think furbabies deserve a little extra TLC too. All of the wonderful things CBD can do for people, it can also help our animals. Does your dog get sick on car rides? Older cat who has a hard time getting around? Younger dog that suffers from anxiety while you’re away? CBD may help your animals with fewer negative side effects than many common medications. It can also be easy to administer. Our cannabis extracts can be mixed into wet foods which means no more trying to trick your pet into eating a pill and making sure they swallowed it. Dosing will vary with animals, so please start slow and small.


As many adults already know, acne doesn’t always go away once your teenage years are over. Acne is caused by hair follicles being clogged by oil and dead skin cells. It happens mostly on the oily parts of our bodies where the sebaceous glands are found. Our sebaceous glands produce oil (sebum) to lubricate and waterproof our skin; unfortunately, this can also cause acne breakouts. CBD may be useful as an effective anti-inflammatory and antibacterial topical to help reduce breakouts and control overproduction of sebum. You can apply our cannabis extract directly to the skin. It comes in an easy-to-use applicator. Or you can use a product that also has coconut oil like our sublingual sprays or drops.


We know, this probably won’t come as a surprise, but did you know cannabis may replace some of those anti-aging creams? Cannabinoids have antioxidant properties that reduce free radical damage (highly reactive cell-damaging molecules), and may lessen the look of fine lines and wrinkles. Applying cannabis oil to your skin may also help with puffiness under your eyes thanks to its anti-inflammatory properties. You can apply cannabis oil daily to the areas you need it, or mix it with ½ an avocado for a vitamin-rich face mask.

Every day we learn about new ways cannabis can help us in our day-to-day lives. Let us know any other lesser-known ways that you use CBD for an improved quality of life.
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