CBD Matcha Latte

Besides looking totally Insta-worthy, this CBD Matcha Latte is a delicious drink full of antioxidants and whatever ratio fits your personal needs. We have to admit, we cheated a little because we’re loving this matcha latte mix from Lakanto that blends master-grade green tea with monk fruit sweetener. It’s vegan, gluten-free, sugar-free, and packed with probiotics. It couldn’t get any healthier and it’s delicious. If you’re a purist, we recommend looking for ceremonial-grade matcha powder.

Healthy CBD Avocado Toast

Start your day off with this delicious and healthy CBD avocado toast. It’s super easy to make, and CBD is the perfect addition to any breakfast! In fact, our CBD sprays and oil can be added to almost any food or drink. This recipe was brought to us by our new brand ambassador CJ Nelson, he loves it because it’s healthy, simple, and best of all, it’s ready in under 5 minutes.

CBD Bath Soak

Feeling stressed, sore, or unable to sleep? Try a DIY cannabis bath soak using a trifecta of relaxing bath ingredients: Epsom salts are high in magnesium that absorbs through your skin to relieve muscle tension. CBD may help with pain, inflammation and relaxation (without any psychoactive effects). Essential oils deepen the relaxation, soothe muscles, help your skin, and relieve pain.

CBD Infused Strawberry Compote

It’s strawberry season in California! And, after the wet winter, the strawberries are bigger than ever. We found a beautiful pint of strawberries at our local farmers market and decided to create a strawberry compote infused with Care By Design’s CBD-infused honey. This compote is delicious on anything… ice cream, bread, or plain, but our favorite is strawberry compote on waffles to start the day out right.