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Our most popular full‑spectrum products

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Visit Care By Design Hemp for delivery nationwide. Our tinctures and soft gels are available in five CBD formulas, uniquely designed for targeted effects: Relief, Rest, Balance, Calm, and Uplift.

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by Annie Trimber There are few things more delicious and fresh than a big salad full of nature’s bounty. This Massaged Kale salad with CBD dressing loaded with many shades of green is no exception! We pile on kale, arugula, cucumber, avocado, lemon, fresh dill and crunchy roasted sunflower seeds… Read more
by Annie Trimber Smoothies are a fun thing to make because they’re essentially a blank canvas! Fruits, veggies, and your milk of choice can come together in seemingly infinite flavor and color combinations. We might be biased, but we think we’ve found the best and most vibrant flavor combination:… Read more
By Joanna O’Boyle There’s archeological evidence indicating herbal tea (dried herbs steeped in hot water, or ‘tisane’) was consumed in the Paleolithic era, some 60,000 years ago! (1)  Everywhere there’s been people since, culturally and geographically specific tea rituals have been cultivated and… Read more

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