A wellness company with roots

Founded in 2014, we earned our success by operating with the highest integrity and making innovative products with unparalleled efficacy. Intent on harnessing the full power of cannabis, we pioneered CBD to THC ratios that deliver powerful relief, amplified by science. Backed by a team of expert cultivators, in-house scientists and caregivers, Care By Design exists to radically improve the lives of individuals and raise the baseline wellbeing of our communities. 

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Farmer in a field of cannabis
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Sourcing the Best Plant Material

The Care By Design journey began in 2013, when we first began to identify and breed Cannabis sativa plants that were full of CBD as well as minor cannabinoids, terpenes and flavonoids. Care By Design’s founders began by planting acres and acres of clean, healthy, plants that were nurtured under the warm California sun. Today, we continue to extract our oil from high quality strains that are rich in therapeutic compounds, and grown outdoors in the sun, using natural cultivation methods to ensure robust, thriving plants. 

Man in a lab coat pouring cannabis into an extraction machine.
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Cutting Edge Extraction

Our cold extraction process is unique in the industry, preserving and concentrating the widest range of bioactive cannabis compounds from the strain including terpenes, flavonoids, and the full spectrum of cannabinoids. Care By Design’s proprietary SuperCritical Extractors are built onsite and use non-volatile CO2 extraction. Supporting Care By Design’s product portfolio requires a lot of cannabis oil, to meet the demand we run our extractors around the clock and process thousands of pounds of dry plant material annually.

Photo of Matt Elmes, CannaCraft's Director of New Product Development
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Expert Formulation

Care By Design strives to stay innovative and employs numerous PhD scientists in order to push the boundaries of what we thought was possible with cannabis. To amplify key therapeutic effects, we craft our formulas under the guidance of some of the leading minds in cannabinoid wellness. Care By Design invests heavily in research and development. We’re always evaluating ways to improve the efficacy of our products and tracking on the latest research on cannabinoid therapeutics from around the world. 

A woman testing cannabis extractions
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Safety & Quality

Every product made by Care By Design is always ‘triple-tested’.  An independent third-party laboratory runs extensive safety and potency testing on the cannabis plant material we source from the farm, then test the oil that we extract from the cannabis, and finally we test the final manufactured and packaged product. That final testing step results in a Certificate of Analysis (COA) being issued, which is an official document that confirms that a product has accurate label claims and complies with state testing and quality requirements.  COAs are readily available for any of our consumers and you can find them here.