Frequently Asked Questions

Get answers to commonly asked questions.

About CBD

Care By Design’s CBD oil is not strain specific. Rather, it’s formulated from a proprietary blend of strains to ensure that you get the right balance of CBD to THC every time.

You can find a collection of articles, videos, and other educational resources on the Project CBD website.

A good source for information is Project CBD’s online booklet, Cannabis Dosing 101.

CDB-derived hemp lacks the full spectrum of plant terpenes, flavonoids and minor cannabinoids that are found in cannabis-derived CBD. Many of these compounds are believed to provide important therapeutic benefit. Hemp-derived CBD also lacks any meaningful amounts of THC (which may be especially helpful for pain and sleep). Care By Design’s products are made using only California-grown, whole plant cannabis that’s been sustainably grown because we believe this offers the better safety profile and medicinal benefits.

The shelf life is one year, depending on how the product is stored. We recommend you store Care By Design products in a cool place away from direct sunlight.

Current California cannabis regulations prohibit manufacturers from providing product directly to patients or consumers–even for compassionate use. Please check with your dispensary.

Finding CBD

Yes! California no longer requires a doctor’s recommendation to purchase cannabis products. Click here to find a dispensary or delivery service near you that carries Care By Design.

At this time, Care By Design products are only available for sale in the state of California and cannot be shipped or mailed across state lines.


If you believe a product is defective, please return it to the dispensary where you purchased it. Many dispensaries will exchange it for a new one, if it’s defective.

Using CBD

“Vaping” is short for “vaporization.” It refers to a method of cannabis consumption where the user inhales cannabis “vapor.” To create this vapor, the active compounds in cannabis are heated at low temperatures. Unlike smoking, no combustion or burning takes place at these lower temperatures. Some people prefer vaping over smoking because it is less likely to irritate the lungs than smoking, but provides similarly fast relief.

To vape cannabis you need a vape pen and cartridge. Attach the pen to the cartridge, push the button to activate the heat, and inhale the vapor through the mouthpiece. Note that with vaporizers it can sometimes feel like you aren’t getting enough. You often need to draw in the vapor longer and softer than you would if you were smoking. Watch this video to learn more!

Typically, people start with 8 to 12 drops under the tongue, but you’ll want to experiment to find what works for you. If you’re new to cannabis therapeutics, we recommend you start low and go slow! Learn more about dosing here.

Care By Design is not qualified to provide medical advice for your beloved pet! Project CBD has published an interview with Dr. Gary Richter, Claws and Effect: Cannabis Medicine for Pets that you may find informative.

There is a great deal of research suggesting that cannabis can help with sleep. See this article on Cannabis & Sleep Disturbances for information.

Yes, cannabis is just as effective if ingested or taken with food. Our only caution is that it will be slower to take effect (up to two hours) and will last longer (4-8 hours).